Attorney Cluj - Consulting and Legal Services

Assistance and representation

… before the courts, the criminal investigation bodies, the authorities with jurisdictional powers, the notaries public and the judiciary executors, the public administration bodies, the institutions and other persons

Attorney Cluj - Consulting and Legal Services


professional services dedicated to both legal entities and individuals

Attorney Cluj - Consulting and Legal Services

Professional collaborations

notary offices, court bailiffs, experts in various fields, academic staff …

CĂRĂBAŞ, LUNGU – Attorneys at Law

„CĂRĂBAŞ, LUNGU – Attorneys at Law” is a member of the Cluj Bar.

We take pride in having the trust of renowned clients, both Romanian and foreign companies. The key concepts of our team are determination, performance and results, beliefs that guide us throughout the successful partnerships we sign with each of our clients. The quality of our professional services recommends us as a reliable partner not only in Cluj-Napoca, but also in other cities in the country and abroad.

In order to achieve the best results and to find the best solutions for satisfying the needs and requirements of our clients, we work with experts in the adjacent law domains, so as to always maximize our results. We also work with lawyers in different parts of the country, thereby succeeding in covering a wide territorial area and in offering our clients quality services in a very short time.

The portfolio of our law office consists of companies with foreign capital, autochthonous companies, non-profit organizations, institutions, as well as natural persons, who all benefit from legal counseling at its highest standards.


  • Consultanță juridică

    Societatea noastră oferă servicii de consultanţă juridică atât persoanelor...

  • Litigii

    Societatea civilă de avocaţi CĂRĂBAŞ, LUNGU oferă servicii de asistenţă...

  • Domenii de expertiză

    Drept societar, Drept Bancar, Procedura insolvenţei, Dreptul muncii, Drept Financiar...


    În prezent, activităţile specifice Arhivei Electronice de Garanţii Reale Mobiliare...

    Avocat Cluj - Arhiva Electronică de Garanţii Reale Mobiliare

Legal Services Cluj – areas of expertise

Our company and its collaborators offer legal services in the following areas of law:

  • Society Law
  • Banking Law
  • Insolvency procedure
  • Labor Law

  • Financial Law – Taxation
  • Administrative law
  • Counterventional
  • The Right of Sports

  • Environmental and energy law
  • Intellectual, industrial and media property
  • Criminal and Criminal Law
  • European and International Law