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Legal fees

Our fees shall be set upon an analysis of the clients’ needs, taking into consideration:

  • The complexity of the problems
  • The time and workload necessary for providing solutions to the demanded problems
  • The importance of the existing interests
  • The collaboration with experts or with other specialists, as demanded by the nature, the object, the complexity and the difficulty of the case
  • The advantages and the results obtained for the client’s profit, as a result of the attorney’s work
  • The financial situation of the client
  • The time constraints in which the lawyer is obliged, by the given circumstances, to act in order to assure performant legal services

In the activity of our society, the following fees are imposed:

  • Hourly fees
  • Fixed (flat) fees
  • Success fees
  • Fees resulted by combining the aforementioned criteria

The hourly fee is calculated by each working hour, being a fixed sum that the lawyer receives for each hour of professional services provided for the client.

The fixed (flat) fee represents a fixed sum that the lawyer receives for a professional service or for categories of professional services that are provided, or, as the case may be, provided for the client.

Also, there is the possibility of agreeing, together with the client, to periodical fees, considering the client’s activities, the complexity of the problems and the working time.

The success fee consists in a fixed or variable sum, arranged in the instance of a lawyer acquiring a certain result. This fee can be amounted with the hourly fee or the fixed fee.