CĂRĂBAŞ, LUNGU – Lawyer Company


“CĂRĂBAŞ, LUNGU, a law firm which made us feel that our legal matters were as important to them as they were to us. This is why CĂRĂBAŞ, LUNGU was our choice for legal advice and representation for our commercial, labor and business law matters.

Professionalism, readiness, involvement are the first words which come to my mind when describing RIGK and CĂRĂBAŞ, LUNGU.”

(Markus Dambeck, manager of RIGK S.R.L.)

”Former colleagues within the association,, Oana Lungu and Mihai Cărăbaş have not stopped having an active and efficient implication, thus becoming one of the most important partners of ELSA Cluj-Napoca. Implementing the same values and principles, which guide their day-to-day professional activity in collaboration with our association, we could not help observing the professionalism and dedication they have irrespective of the legal nature of the problem they were presented with, treating every aspect of it with high attention to details. From the legal counseling they gave us to the practice stages for young students of the Faculty of Law and with advice both from their vast experience as ex members of ELSA and from their professional activity as lawyers, which recommends them, “CĂRĂBAŞ, LUNGU” have once again proven their opening to the new, to the future, thereby guaranteeing their position as a top partner of ELSA Cluj-Napoca.”

(Tudor Moldovan, President of ELSA Cluj-Napoca)

“The team of lawyers from CĂRĂBAŞ, LUNGU was contracted by our company in order to keep the more and more complex activity of our company due to the substantial growth in the last years and they offer us services of legal consulting.

They proved to be very professional, being always available and having a very good ability to synthesize and analyze, punctuality and the best argumentation of information and resolutions for us as clients.”

(Adrian Orășan, Managing Director Beck Et Al. Services)

“The collaboration between CĂRĂBAȘ, LUNGU – Attorneys at Law and Transylvania College was established through the programme of Work Experience, a project which took part in our school.

With the purpose of offering practicum opportunities for high school students, CĂRĂBAȘ, LUNGU not only accepted our proposal of partnership over the course of the programme, but also, through the nature of their legal profession, our pupils benefited from quality mentorship, based on a detailed planification of the two weeks. Thereby, they succeeded in discovering the depth of the lawyer profession, through the help of the theoretical and practical knowledge they have gathered at the firm. While practicum, over the course of high school years, has no real history in Romania, the firm took this mentorship seriously and with great implication, having tried to depict the partaking students a great deal of situations that an attorney deals with, on a daily basis.

We are happy for the support that the firm has given over the course of the whole project, for the implication and for the opening shown to such initiatives which are both of utter necessity and welcome in the education of high school students. Surely, this is only the beginning of the partnership between CĂRĂBAȘ, LUNGU and Transylvania College.”

(Cârnu Emma, Development Officer of Transylvania College)