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Evaluation domains

Together with our collaboratives, our society offers legal services in the following domains of law:

  • Corporate Law
  • Bank Law
  • The procedure of insolvency
  • Labor Law
  • Financial – Tax Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Contravention Law
  • Sport Law
  • Environmental and Energy Law
  • Intellectual, industrial and mass-media property
  • Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law
  • European and International Law
  • Corporate law

    establishment of companies and non-profit organizations modifications of statutory acts...

  • Banking law

    assistance in the procedure before a bank litigation starting and...

  • The procedure of insolvency

    starting the general procedure for insolvency asking for patrimonial responsibility...

  • Labour law

    the elaboration of inner regulations, collective work contracts, of individual...

  • Financial – Tax Law

    consulting regarding the taxation of natural and legal persons, VAT,...

  • Administrative law

    editing exceptions of illegality of unilateral administrative documents performing the...

  • Contravention law

    the filing of contravention complaints and representation based on contravention...

  • Environmental and energy law

    legal consulting and assistance during investment projects in the energetic...

  • Intellectual, industrial and mass-media property

    assistance referring to the registration, modification, defending or annulment of...

  • Sport law

    In professional co-work with MAIER CIUCUR & ASOCIAȚII representation and...

  • Criminal Law and Criminal Procedural Law

    assistance and representation in lawsuits for preventive measures representation in...

  • European and international law

    elaboration of complaints to the European Court of Human Rights...