Sport law

In professional co-work with MAIER CIUCUR & ASOCIAȚII

  • representation and assistance to football clubs and players in front of national sport commissions (Romanian Football Federation, Professional Football League)
  • representation of players at FILA and the Court of Arbitration for Sport from Lausanne (TAS)
  • representation of players as a Pro Bono lawyer named by the Court of Arbitration for Sport registered on the permanent list of TAS
  • editing contacts between clubs and players
  • mediation of the contact disagreements between clubs and players
  • general legal services for football clubs of the 1st and 2nd League in Romania
  • consulting in sport law and in the work contracts for football clubs and players
  • assistance regarding the execution of TAS decisions for football clubs, and requests to the competent commissions within UEFA and FIFA
  • assistance in front of the Swiss Federal Court of Justice in the objection against TAS decisions